Destined to be lonely?


I love my Blackberry.

Those things that he said, I wish they came from your mouth.

Sometimes I miss you. And then I’ll remember all that shit you put me through, so I’ll hate you. And after that, I miss you.

Its a cycle. The cycle that is YOU. We never started. We never ended.


happy 4th of July! yey! :-)

Donated blood for the first time. This is for a friend who had been diagnosed with leukemia. Got needle sticks in both arms, they had a hard time looking for a patent vein. Yeowtch.

Oh well.. What’s a little needle pain compared to cancer pain?
all alone, outside looking in.

I can’t stand it. Just being in the same room, being with the same people, pretending not to notice. I’m trying to forget, believe me, I am. But you’re making it oh so difficult. I hope you find satisfaction with this.

Tama na pls.. :’(

i love my cat. he makes me do crazy things.

today I’m sad. and its not just because of you.

The thing with soul mates they teach life lessons, then leavelasting memories

there are days when you feel beautiful and appreciated. this for me is one of those days. great friends do that to you. :)

masasabihan nanaman ako ng maarte at feeler. oh well. keber.