i’m such a Gaiman fan. :)
oh my god i cant. stop. reading.i never liked Marvel superheroes as much as I like them now, all thanks to Neil Gaiman. :P 
I ordered these in an online bookshop that sells on a first come, first served basis. never mind the hangover I got from last night, at 8am I’m logged in and ready to be the first to comment “SAVE!” as soon as this photo was uploaded. (LOL, the upload is at 11am. hey, you know what they say about early birds :P) Apparently I wasn’t the only one waiting, and around 11:00:05am another buyer saved the set. She beat me by a few seconds, A FEW SECONDS! and I was devastated. Fortunately the bookshop has another set available and since I’m the second person to comment, the seller saved it for me.:)I can’t wait. I hope they ship it soon. *cross fingers*  :D
I miss Culture Crash Comics and Kubori Kikiam.http://kuborikikiam.com 
shit just got real..
stop posting pseudo-inspirational bullshit, comics work better!
wait, what? :D

The sense of comfort you have when a cat comes to sit on your lap, the feeling of friendship and relaxation, all go out the window when they decide to stick their butt in your face…

Boredom Pays

Tomorrow sees the start of Cats Protection’s black cat awareness day, celebrating the delightfully dark feline and exposing the saddening fact that black cats are less popular than other colours. Being an owner of two brilliant little black cats in the past, I can’t for the life of me work out why this is other than the absurd idea that black cats are unlucky which became the inspiration for this comic.